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Letter from Gilboa Prison, Ameer Makhoul- May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010
Letter from Gilboa Prison, Ameer Makhoul
After being allowed to get a pen and a piece of paper, which has been banned for the last three weeks, and after being allowed to get out of my total isolation, it's a moment to write a short letter from my jail (Gilboa).
It's a great opportunity for me to express my sincere thanks, greetings & appreciation to all the colleagues, friends and solidarity groups, organizations & persons, internationals, Arabs in the region, Israelis & Palestinians in the homeland & in the Diaspora. A very special salute to all those who visited my family and supported them after the trauma they passed in May 6 & since that late night.
It's a moment to express my great appreciation to all the international & local human rights organizations which raised their voices loudly.
Also to Ittijah partner organizations all around the world which supported my/our struggle for justice and for a fair trial in order to get to prove my innocence.
Physically I am still suffering very much but morally it's a great feeling to know what solidarity means.
My story is that the Israeli intelligence, "the shabak", assumed something without knowing & without any evidence. I was requested and forced to explain to them in a very detailed way how exactly I did what I didn’t do, ever. In case of any logical problem for them to complete the puzzle, they have the legal tools to fill it in by so-called secret evidence, which my lawyers and I have no legal right to know about.
According to the media in Israel, I'm already guilty, a terrorist & a supporter terror. The rule of the game here is that I’m guilty whether or not I prove that I'm not. This collective assumption is prior to court & trial procedures.
The abuse of evidence & fair legal procedures are crucial. The Shabak can tell lies to the court by so called "secret evidence", "banning meetings  with lawyers", "banning the publication of information,”  “imposing total isolation” & other very sophisticated ways of torture, which leave no direct evidence although it is very harsh. (See Adalah: I believe that my case is an opportunity to examine these tools as tools for the criminalization of human rights defenders.
I would like to highlight again your support & solidarity. I look to it as a very essential & crucial message of support the victim and to stop the oppressor.  Thank you. Let us continue with the way for justice, human dignity, human rights and ensuring an opportunity for a fair trial.
Ameer Makhoul

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