Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dear Friends,
It’s already three years I have been in Israeli jail, out of nine. On the contrary I’m three years at least close to freedom.

The merciless sufferness in my case of beloved wife (Janan) two beloved daughters (Hind and Huda) and me. It’s emotional family price, it’s social and public.

This long time of injustice, contains suffereness and pain. The ongoing feeling of not being able to hug my family, of not being able to see my homeland, to feel being at home, to smeel Haifa it’s mountain and sea, of not being able to participate physically in any activity of popular struggle, to leed campaigns and struggle for justice and dignity, for better future is very difficult. The feeling of not sharing any social or community event, whether it’s happy or sad one, to feel that I have to be there but I’m not, is horrible, but I can readdress it particle by writing.

It’s hard, while three years is very long time and high price which  Palestinian activist has to pay until reaching freedom, liberation and justice. So dear friends all over the world, be sure that among each moment of prison forced stay, the hope, steadfastness and free willingness are grooming, the subborness of hope, freedom and  human dignity is stronger and stronger. This is my case as a part of the common and personal cause of all Palestinian Political prisoners.

Always you are in mined. Each letter or postcard to me as well as to any PPP is containing great moral impact. Each act of solidarity, each campaign, each conference, gathering, pray or press release is backing our struggle, is sharing it, is for creating of hope that each of PPP is not alone.
Be sure, that for me being asked to send a message to any forum or conference or to be represented through Janan is so honorable and for great influence to bring through you PPP voice for hope and freedom.

Your message is to strong,  it’s to feel and to be convinced that the long Israeli time of ongoing nonstop isolation, compulsion and oppression will never defeat the spirit of solidarity, the spirit of humanity the spirit of Palestine.

You are our partners, we are your partners for free PPP, for free Palestine, for better world.

Much Love

Ameer Makhoul

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